Quicke UK Virtual Show

Steve introduces our Virtual Show from the time when we could not meet you all in person at the usual Agricultural Shows.

Quicke Multigrab M+

Quicke Silocut

Steve explains the advantages of the Silocut XL as we look at its use around this large dairy farm

Profi Test the Quicke
Control System (QCS)

The latest Quicke Control System (QCS) is claimed to make operating a tractor front loader both easier and more productive. Profi put that claim to the test – so have a look and see what they thought.

Meet our HQ Team

Meet the team at ALO UK – Quicke Head Quarters.

Meet our Sales Team

Meet the ALO UK sales team.

Meet our Distribution Partners

Alison and Alan run the distribution for Quicke UK from their hub in Scotland.

Profi Workshop
Loader bush and pin overhaul

Profi decided to see if the job was as easy as it looked

New Quicke
Control System

When does 1+1=3? Combine the new QE-command and Q-companion to find out!

Our new C-series brochure is now available!

The new compact front loader from Quicke is at home when you want to ensure exceptional performance from a highly versatile loader for small tractors.